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Coming This Summer!

New sessions of our My Mini Mentor program for kids ages 10-15

Parents, teachers, and counselors know it and researchers have shown it: Too many kids become dramatically less self-assured on the journey to and through adolescence. Scholars have quantified a 30% decrease in confidence between ages 8 and 14.

The causes of this decline are numerous, with one common denominator: Diminishing confidence. It is an essential tool for turning dreams into reality. So are mentors. Young kids without mentors become young adults who are hesitant to seek out mentors in and outside of the work - place —a crucial factor in personal growth and professional advancement. There is a dearth of structured mentoring programs for teens, and a likelihood that too many kids would not reach out for a mentor even if one were offered. We believe our mentors can change the status quo. Our miniature equine mentors are non-judgmental listeners, understand more than they can say, respect privacy, model emotionally healthy behavior, share their wisdom, and return kindness with an endless loyalty. In short: the perfect mentor!

"We are four miniature equines who know something about being different and fearless. We’re only 3 feet tall! Join us for a free program where kids can learn from us how to see themselves in strong, new ways because we do this every day of our lives. We know how important it is to:

• Trust & stand up for yourself
• Express your real thoughts
• Set boundaries, take risks
• Become more of a leader
• Block out the noise that gets in your way and focus on YOU

Yes, we can teach all that, and more. We are loaded with Horse Wisdom.“

"We are really good at helping kids because we see your talent and abilities, even when you can’t. And we can help you discover what is waiting to emerge. We know:

• Kids, like us, can have and achieve big dreams.
• Confidence comes from within.
• Life is always changing, and you can take charge of change."

"I never thought that one of my best friends would be a mini donkey."

Here's What Our Mentees Have to Say About Our Program!


We are champions for kids and with our pint-sized equines, are here to provide a safe space to connect with that strong person inside.

LIZ DELFS, Certified Equine Facilitated Learning Specialist, M.Ed in Counseling, Founder of corporate Disability
Mentoring Program at Pearson, Inc.

JOY SILHA, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Certified Equus & EAGALA Coach, Using Horses as Co-Facilitators


4-week long program

1 hour-long session each week

Afterschool or weekend appointments available.

You can bring a friend or family member for support too!

We are accessible via public transportation.

Experience with equines not needed. This is facilita
ted work on the ground. No riding involved.


Call or email for information and to schedule a session!, (505) 469.1285

My Little Horse Listener, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that has been providing equine facilitated learning services to young people experiencing challenges throughout northern New Mexico since 2016. Our work, and our equines, has been featured in local and national media. We do not charge for our services and actively seek out children and teens who would otherwise not be able to access the special and unique way that equines can help us.

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