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Our Mission

Foster connections. Build relationships. Develop trust. 

My Little Horse Listener provides a creative, supportive and mutually beneficial learning environment between miniature equines and individuals or families going through difficult times.

Our Story

My Little Horse Listener started from the idea that miniature equines have more to offer us than we may know. What began as a herd of two has now grown to four, and our founder, Liz Delfs, explains what we are, and how we got started:

Our Story
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My Little Horse Listener is a 501(3)(c) registered not-for-profit dedicated to the development of special and safe relationships between equines and young people.

Started in Santa Fe, now based in Cerillos, we began with an idea that miniature horses have more to offer this world than we may think we know. 

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About Us

About Us

Our two miniature horses, miniature donkey, and miniature mule are kind, patient and gentle companions. We treat them with respect and kindness, and that is what they show us in return. 


Groups, families, and individuals are invited to visit to spend time and connect with our miniature equines. We offer trust-based activities that strengthen and reinforce the necessary skills for building relationships. 

What began as a literacy program for young hesitant readers has evolved into a multipronged, innovative service that looks for all opportunities to build and develop healthy relationships - for those who need it most.


We are proudly expanding our partnerships and are always looking for innovative collaborations to meet the needs of those in need of supportive, trusting and fun relationships. 

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We are excited about the journey of My Little Horse Listener and are grateful to be a positive, joyful, and powerful experience in each one of our visitors' lives.

All of this is possible because of the dedication and hard work of the team at My Little Horse Listener.

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