A child sits before a small horse and appears to be in conversation. The child and horse are in black outlines.

For children and young adults who desire a new kind of friendship that builds confidence and restores trust and a belief in goodness, kindness and the right to be different.


To help children and young adults recover from past hurts by developing a trusting and supportive relationship with a gentle miniature equine.

To connect young people who need refuge from hardships with emotionally supportive equines by reading to, playing with, training or simply spending time with our four-hooved team. 

A world where we can be touched by something as small as the gentle healing power of a small equine who has the quiet and mysterious wisdom to help us navigate  life with confidence, and joy.

A smiling young girl hugs a miniature mule while 2 older children look on.

Learn more about what we do, from the participants who know us best!