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Little Hoofs,
Lifting Hearts

Encouraging healthy relationships.

One hoof at a time.

What is My Little Horse Listener?

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We believe equines can make a difference.

Treat them with kindness, and miniature horses will give you their hearts in return! Miniature equines have a unique ability to be patient, comforting, and playful companions. They show children and teens how to have and be a friend.


The equines at My Little Horse Listener accept us as we are, hearing pain, sensing struggles, and helping us discover the best within ourselves.

Because everyone deserves to be heard.

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What do we do?


We connect members of our community, local programs, and other non-profits with our team of miniature equines.


In collaboration with our partners, we develop equine-focused activities that meet the needs and developmental goals of the participants. 


Participants build relationships with our miniature equines by fostering the skills required to maintain healthy relationships.


We witness and encourage the personal and interpersonal growth of our participants. This may be a growth of self-esteem, awareness, confidence, self-regulation, or simply, the joy of being present. 

Our Story

Founder and executive director Liz Delfs explains what we do at My Little Horse Listener, shares the story behind the programs, and shows us some of the warmth that the equines offer our visitors. 

Learn more about what we do, from the participants who know us best!

What People Say about My Little Horse Listener

It’s given my daughter confidence, and my son has learned how to be patient and become more self aware.

Participant, Santa Fe Recovery Center

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Each donation helps My Little Horse Listener expand its programs, increase participation, and change more lives. 

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