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Visit Our Mini Equines

If you are ages 4 and older, consider a visit! We provide year-round guided tours where you can learn more about the wonderful world of miniature equines, and enjoy the opportunity to interact with Thor, HotDog, Melly and Serafina.  Prior to your visit, we will provide you with safety guidelines and other facts you should know to help ensure a happy and memorable visit.


To schedule an appointment, contact: or call 505-469-1285


Note: We do not charge an admission fee but request that visitors consider making a donation to the My Little Horse Listener foundation to support the services we provide to indigent families and children.

Debunking Mini Myths
With Thor & Hot Dog!


We can't speak for the entire mini world, but we can tell you about us.

1. We have a big pet peeve and that is humans who overfeed their minis and don't provide them with lots of handling, training and love. This can create minis who give the wrong impression and results in negative stereotypes for the rest of us.

2. Yes, if you overfeed us, we will get very round and if you don't spend time handling us gently and lovingly, we won't have time for you and we will make sure you know it!

3. Just like big horses, we have a herd leader. That's me, Thor! Sometimes I have to get very bossy but that's because my job is to look out for everyone's safety (and be the first to eat!).

4. Kids are our favorite humans. Why? Well, we can see them! They are small like we are. And, they make a huge happy fuss when they see us.

5. We love it when big horses in our neighborhood visit us. We are all in the same family and recognize each other.

6. The donkey in our herd is different, and we accept her for who she is. Sometimes it takes her a long time to decide what to do, but we know that is because she is considering all of her options. Our owner doesn't let anybody use the "S" word in front of us. ("S" for Stubborn.)

7. Training? Of course we are smart, but it is your job to help us understand what you expect from us. And, sometimes we feel like participating, and sometimes we don't.

8. We like it when kids read books to us, especially books with big pictures that are about horses, donkeys and mules. One of us - and we're not saying who... - tries to eat the books. He likes it so much that he doesn't mind getting in trouble with the humans for doing that.

9. What is the most important thing we want people to know about us? If you are good to us, we will be very good to you! 

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