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Our Services

My Little Horse Listener currently offers multiple ways to engage with our equines and programs. 

Services are available without cost to individuals and families with limited financial resources. 


Horse in a Hospital - Visits to Christus St. Vincent’s

Picture this: Tiny hooves trotting down hospital corridors, leaving trails of smiles and happiness behind them.


Twice a month, we bring our mini equines to Christus St. Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe for a dose of joy and cheer that only they can provide. Led by their dedicated handlers, these small yet mighty creatures bring a special kind of support that only they can provide. These mini equines have a unique ability to boost moods and provide emotional support in ways that traditional therapy sometimes cannot. 


As they make their rounds through the hospital corridors, their presence alone seems to lift spirits and brighten the atmosphere. It's a momentary escape from the rigors and uncertainties of illness and medical treatment. Their gentle demeanor and soulful gazes offer comfort that transcends words.

That's the magic of our Mini Equine Cheer Squad. Whether you're a patient in need of a mood boost or a staff member craving a furry pick-me-up, our mini equines are here to save the day. Because amidst the hospital hustle, there's always room for a little bit of furry joy. With every visit, they continue to prove that sometimes, the smallest creatures can make the biggest difference.


Ready to meet our team? Keep an eye out for their next visit and get ready to experience the healing power of our Mini Equine Cheer Squad!

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My Little Horse Listener has evolved into the program it is today because of the caring, meaningful, and important partnerships we have had and are continuing to develop.

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