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Show your support for My Little Horse Listener with a donation. Each donation helps us expand our programs, reach more members of the community, and is tax-deductable. 

Select an amount

  • Bale of Hay

    Sponsor a feed and keep our miniatures revved up for work!
    Valid for one month
    • One-time donation of $30
  • Recurring Donation

    Every month
    Maximize your support with a monthly donation
    • A recurring monthly gift of $20
  • Sponsor a Visit

    Covers the transport cost of four equine sessions
    Valid for one month
    • One-time donation of $50

Or, choose a custom amount below:

Special Offer! Donate $200 or more and get 1 free night at our cottage!

Custom Amount

Every gift to My Little Horse Listener makes a difference. 

Looking for more ways to help? Consider becoming a volunteer.

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