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Bale of Hay

Help keep our miniatures revved up for work



Sponsor a Visit

Cover the transport costs for four equine visits



Sponsor a Child

Cover the cost of a child or family's  session with the equines


Make a one-time donation

Select donation amount

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Make a recurring monthly donation

Set up a recurring donation and help support My Little Horse Listener throughout the year!

Help our mini equines get a new trailer!

We want to continue expanding our community outreach equine services to reach more children, teens and yes, even adults, but first we need a horse trailer that supports the special safety needs of miniature equines. Our current funding goal is to get a safe, new trailer to help our mini's travel into the community. 


Special Offer! Donate $100 or more and get 1 free night at our cottage!

Thank you for your support.

Looking for more ways to help? Consider becoming a volunteer. 

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