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Our Team

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My Little Horse Listener is made possible by a team of compassionate and dedicated humans and equines.


Learn more about us here.  

The Humans     |      The Equines

The Humans

The Humans

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Meet Liz

I'm Liz Delfs, the founder and executive director of My Little Horse Listener. I love finding new solutions to challenges facing young people and, if I could, would be with kids and equines all day in the corral! 


I began my legal career practice in special education law in Boston where I fought for the rights of children to learn and their parents to dream of a successful future for their kids.

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After 20 years as in-house counsel for a large publisher, I've begun practicing immigration law. In addition to a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, I am certified by the Australian Institute for Equine Psychotherapy in equine facilitated learning. 


I am grateful to the hundreds of children and families who placed their trust in us, and also Thor, Hot Dog, Serafina and  Melly for providing the opportunity to have a positive impact in northern New Mexico.

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Meet Gary

I’m Gary Clendenen and I work with Liz on managing the programs and caring for our equine family. One of my favorite jobs in the horse pen is to take everyone on long walks. People love to see miniature equines and walking them is a great way to meet people, keep the horses in good form (and stop traffic!). 


I was a professor of business operations in Texas and New York before retiring to Santa Fe and I have a passion for improving math skills for children in the public schools. I’m active in several fantastic education-related organizations and boards in the community, although nothing matches the uniqueness of what Liz and I are doing for kids with these lovable equines.

Meet The Board of Directors

My Little Horse Listener is fortunate to have many intelligent, insightful, experienced, and open-minded humans on our board of directors. Meet some of them below.

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Gary Clendenen, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Business Operations, Sienna College

Rick Clinton_edited.jpg

Rick Clinton, MBA

Management Professional and Entrepreneur

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Brianna Delfs, MA

Treasurer and Media Manager

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Howard Gershon

Principal, New Heights Group LLC and Faculty, American College of Healthcare Executives

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Susan Murphy Warren, MA MBA

Health Counseling and Music Therapy

Rusty Warren_edited.jpg

Rusty Warren, Ph.D.

CEO of ARMADA Marine Robotics

The Equines

The Equines

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aka, "Donkey"

Serafina is a miniature donkey. You can recognize her by her large ears and the black cross on her withers. 

Many humans connect with Serafina's gentle demeanor and presence. Serafina is more cautious than her herd mates, but equally agile!

She may seem like the quiet type, but she's got a bray to boot!

Hot Dog

the Head Honcho

Hot Dog is a brown miniature horse - and a true comedian.


He is inquisitive and courageous, and loves to get the whole herd galloping.

Many humans connect with Hot Dog's confidence and playfulness. 

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Melly Full.jpg

Mellie the Mule

The Curious One

Mellie is a miniature mule and the most recent addition to the herd. No, that's not a cow! It's a mule!

Mellie has a curiosity and energy that makes her a joy to be around. She will be the first to trot up to say hello!

Although we love Mellie, she has almost figured out how to open the door to the house. We love ya, Mellie, just not in the kitchen!


"Old Blue Eyes"

Thor is a white miniature horse with one blue eye and a great can-do attitude!

A true runner and quite a looker, Thor is comfortable and happy moving at the pace of whatever human he spends time with. Thor is having just as much fun jumping as when he is getting brushed. 

Thor is an equine's equine -- best buds with all three of his herd mates, and cares for them in his own horse way. 

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