Helping Hooves

For those who would benefit from kind, trusting, gentle and four-hooved companionship.

"We're sitting here with you", said Pooh, "because we are your friend. And true friends don't care if someone is feeling sad or alone or not much fun to be around at all. True friends are there for you anyway. And so, here we are".


"Oh", said Eyore. "Oh".


And then the three of them sat there in silence. Because Pooh and Piglet were there. No more, no less.

Children and adolescents often suffer silently when they are experiencing great loss, loneliness, or change.


During these hard times, it can be difficult to establish relationships or maintain old ones – even if connection is what may be needed most.

The special relationship between humans and equines is well documented and the therapeutic benefits of this relationship are increasingly well known.  Equine emotional support is invaluable, and it is something we at Helping Hooves want to foster.

Our miniature equines are naturally kind, gentle, and social. We invite those who would benefit from this relationship to first meet the horses and decide what type of engagement would be right from them, in order to develop the type of relationship that is right for the person in need.


Each engagement is as unique as the person who seeks it -- this could mean hiking the Santa Fe hills, playing soccer in the horse pen, or scheduling weekly school visits to meet children enrolled in after-school programs.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more or know someone who would be interested in starting this journey.