Since 2016, My Little Horse Listener has been collaborating with educators and leaders in Northen New Mexico to make our programs as accessible and effective as possible. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate and find out how our miniature equines can make a postive impact -- in whatever fashion that may be!

Check out some of our past and present collaborations below...

Journey Montessori School 

Young adults from the school visit the equines bi-weekly as a part of their outdoor education program and volunteer curriculum. Students brainstorm creative additions to the equines' pen, exercise and play with the equines, help with barn upkeep, and even teach younger classmates how to handle and interact with our miniature equines.  

Girls Inc., Santa Fe

Every summer since 2016, groups of young campers from Girls Inc come to read, tell stories, talk and sing to our equines. Hundreds of young women have already visited with Serafina, Thor, Hot Dog and Melly to practice their reading skills, and sometimes their mane-braiding skills, too!

Reading Quest

Children in this fantastic tutoring program were repeat fans for our equines during the summer and after school sessions. This program involved multiple aspects of literacy skills, including reading aloud to our miniature horses when they visited Reading Quest's after-school sessions, followed up by writing thank you notes to our equines.

Past Partnerships have also included...

We have visited this wonderful residential program where young children can stay with their moms who are undergoing treatment. Melly and Thor even met the mayor of Santa Fe during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new playground!

Young artists from Acequia Madre Elementary School practiced their drawing and painting skills with Thor and Hot Dog as models!

Children in the after-school reading program practiced their new skills with Thor and Hot Dog as friendly listeners.

My Little Horse Listener is a 503(c) registered not-for-profit based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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