Meet the Team

My Little Horse Listener is made possible by a herd of hard-working and dedicated equines and humans. Learn more about them below! 

The Equines



Age: 4
Gender: Girl Donkey
Last book read: Eeyore's Adventures
My friends describe me as: a shy thinker
People first notice: my bray
I wish people knew that: I'm very agile! 
I am most passionate about: supporting others


Age: Almost 1
Gender: Girl Mule
Last book read: Francis the Talking Mule
My friends describe me as: very approachable
People first notice: I'm still very small
I wish people knew that: I'm a mule, not a pig! 
I am most passionate about: my equine family


Age: 5
Gender: Boy Horse
Last book read: 
Black Beauty
My friends describe me as: handsome
People first notice: my blue eye
I wish people knew that: I'm a member of a running club
I am most passionate about: practicing my soccer skills

Hot Dog

Age: 6
Gender: Boy
Last book read: 
Molly the Pony
My friends describe me as: dominant and sweet
People first notice: my name
I wish people knew that: I'm a softie! 
I am most passionate about: eating.

The Humans


I’m Liz Delfs, founder and Executive Director of My Little Horse Listener. I love finding new solutions to challenges facing young people and, if I could, would be with kids and equines all day in the activity corral! A soon-to-be former corporate lawyer, I began my career practicing special education law in Boston where I fought for the rights of children to learn and their parents to dream of a successful future for their kids.  I’m grateful to Thor, Hot Dog, Serafina and Baby Melly for providing the opportunity to make a difference for so many vulnerable children and teens here in northern New Mexico. 


I’m Gary Clendenen and I work with Liz on managing the programs and caring for our equine family. One of my favorite jobs in the horse pen is to take Thor and Hot Dog on long walks. Everyone loves to see a miniature horse and walking them is a great way to meet people and keep the horses in good form.  I was a professor of business operations in Texas and New York before retiring to Santa Fe and I have a passion for improving math skills for children in the public schools. I’m active in several fantastic education-related organizations and boards in the community, although nothing matches the uniqueness of what Liz and I are doing for kids with these amazing and lovable equines.


I'm the Lead Volunteer at My Little Horse Listener.  Having studied psychology, Speech Science and Language Development, I recognize the important link between reading competence, academic success and psychosocial development.  As a shy child and a reluctant reader myself, I spent every available moment reading horse stories or riding and talking to my pony.  In my experience, equines and kids have a very special communication exchange; loving, accepting and patient. Recently retired, I now get to spend my time supporting a program that nurtures this special relationship!  And I'm learning two new languages, Mini Donkey and Mini Mule!

My Little Horse Listener is a 503(c) registered not-for-profit based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you have any questions or are interested in our programs, please contact us today!

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