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Sponsor a Child


When a child’s world has been shattered and she needs someone to hold onto, for now or forever, a little horse named Hot Dog is there.


Your gift of just $50 provides a struggling child with four friendship sessions at My Little Horse Listener, and soft memories that will be there for her whenever she needs them.

Sponsor an Equine


$100 will help provide food and medical care to one of our equines for one year. You will receive monthly updates and special photos of your favorite little one. Melly, Hot Dog, Thor and Serafina understand kindness so you and your family are invited to visit our ranch and take the time to develop an unforgettable relationship with your sponsored equine.

Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to expand our site-based services to communities where children are struggling with changes and loss in their lives.


My Little Horse Listener and Helping Hooves benefit from hands-on support provided by a creative and committed band of equine lovers, including school groups who love doing community service in our programs. Would you, your family or your class like to join our team of volunteers?

We welcome all hands and hooves to join in!

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