Liz Delfs, Executive Director, hugs a small gray horse whose head leans into her.

My Little Horse Listener is a 501(3)(c) registered not-for-profit dedicated to the development of special and safe relationships between equines and young people. We started with an idea that miniature horses have more to offer this world than we may think we know. 


We train our two miniature horses, miniature donkey, and miniature mule to be kind, patient and gentle companions. Groups, families, and individuals are invited to visit with our equines to develop these special relationships. We've had summer campers, elementary school artists, and equine-lovers of all ages visit our site, and our more travel savvy equines have visited schools and service organizations in northern and central New Mexico. 


There are many struggling children and young adults in northern New Mexico. The therapeutic benefits from engaging in activities with equines, such as reading, grooming, taking nature walks, or simply spending time together, are increasingly well-known.


We believe that it's important to have opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with caring, gentle animals. Be it for practicing reading, learning that it is okay to be who you are, or simply to not feel so alone in the world, we are continuing to explore how our program can help those whose lives would be better with the added friendship of an unusual miniature equine friend who listens and knows what it is like to look and be different in their world.